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The manufacturing of cardboard tubes is a profession that requires a lot of skill and expertise. The job of a master operator in tube manufacturing is acquired through a complex learning process requiring dexterity, sound judgement and above all, a sustained interest in the profession.

At the very heart of your products, tubes must carry out the winding and unwinding of your products. Compliance with format and resistance are the key elements of their quality.

Your customer will not judge the quality of your product upon receipt, but rather during its use, and the tube is a part of it.


Manufacture packaging components from recycled materials

At Eco-Pack, we are fully aware that our products are a necessary supply for the manufacturing and/or protection of your products. Therefore, we are equally conscious that our products must be easily and ecologically disposable.

Whether you are using tubes or protective corners, whether we are at the heart of your products or protecting them during packaging, the end consumer will have to dispose of them. This is why the recyclability of our products is so important. At Eco-Pack, we understand the importance that you and your customers place on the environment!