Convolute tubes are primarily characterized by their high resistance to bending. At equal size and thickness, a convolute tube achieves almost twice the bending strength of a core. The main reason for this lies in the alignment of the cardboard fibers which, due to the type of winding, are very longitudinal with the tube. Convolute tubes are particularly appreciated for winding flexible materials such as textiles and carpets. Due to their rigidity, they are also appreciated as supporting corners in boxes of bulk material stacked on top of each other during storage.

Convolute tubes consist of winding a single sheet onto itself. Due to its manufacturing process, the convolute tube offers the possibility of having a longitudinal flap of a few inches in order to facilitate the insertion and/or start of winding of the material without the use of adhesive.

The specifications of convolute tubes may include:

  • Inner diameter
  • Thickness
  • Length


Available formats include:

  • From 0.640” to 4 inches of inner diameter
  • From 12” to 156” in length.